Privacy Policy

Hackcheck strives to keep the information we log as minimal as possible. Below you will find a detailed description of what we log and why.


When you sign up for our service, we may collect the following information: Email Address: We collect your email address for account management, communication purposes, and to provide you with important updates and notifications. Username: We collect your chosen username to identify you within our system. Password: We collect a secure, hashed version of your password to authenticate and protect your account. Terms of Service agreement: We collect your agreement to our Terms of Service, which governs your use of our service. By agreeing to these terms, you consent to our data collection and processing practices outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Query Logging and Tracking

We want you to have confidence in the confidentiality of your queries. Therefore, we want to emphasize that we do not log or store the specific content of the queries you perform on HackCheck. Your search queries remain entirely private, and we do not collect, record, or analyze the actual content of what you search for. While we do not log query content, we do track the number of queries performed by each user. This tracking is done solely for operational purposes, such as system maintenance, monitoring usage patterns, and ensuring fair use of our service. By keeping count of the number of queries, we can better manage and optimize our infrastructure to provide you with a reliable and efficient service.

API Access

When you access our API, we have specific procedures in place to ensure the security and proper usage of the service. Here's how we handle IP address linking and authorization for your API key: IP Address Authorization: Linking an IP Address: To access our API, you are required to link one or more IP addresses to your HackCheck account. This is a crucial security measure that helps us authenticate and authorize access to our API. API Key Security: By linking an IP address to your API key, we ensure that only requests originating from the authorized IP address(es) are accepted, enhancing the security of your API key and the data it accesses. Linking and Managing IP Addresses: Adding IP Addresses: You can link your IP address to your API key during the authorization process. This can be done through your account settings or profile page on our platform. Updating Linked IP Addresses: We understand that your network configuration may change. Therefore, you have the option to manage and update the linked IP address(es) associated with your API key. You can remove or update linked IP addresses as needed via your profile page.

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