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What is compromised data?

Compromised data involves unauthorized access to sensitive data such as passwords and credit cards, often via phishing or software vulnerabilities. It can lead to malicious activity like identity theft, making timely response a must for protection.

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What does HackCheck do?

HackCheck is a data breach search engine that allows users to check if their personal or business data has been breached, and get insights and steps to prevent future attacks. With HackCheck, you can proactively monitor your digital assets for breaches, and prevent financial loss or reputational damage.

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Our Features

HackCheck Core Features

From advanced API capabilities to comprehensive data breach monitoring,
HackCheck offers a wide range of features to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

Asset Integrity

HackCheck simplifies the process of safeguarding your data and staying one step ahead of new data breaches and potential security threats, ultimately helping to maintain the integrity of your sensitive data

HackCheck API

HackCheck's API allows users to search data breaches and receive easily parsable responses at a fast rate, while also offering multiple filter functions to customize the results.

Bulk Checking

HackCheck offers a bulk checking feature that allows users to search up to 10,000 breached data at once, providing them with information about all of their data quickly and efficiently.

Breach Monitoring

HackCheck allows users to monitor specific credentials, such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, and more, and sends alerts whenever those credentials are spotted in a new data breach.

Search Capabilities

HackCheck provides users with various search capabilities to enable them to search through several query types and get a comprehensive understanding of their own information.

Big Data

HackCheck stores billions of records and constantly adds the latest data breaches to its database, enabling users to stay ahead of the newest security threats and data breaches.
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