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Upon visiting HackCheck today, you'll be met with the new version of the website. It took us a long time to add these features, iron out the bugs make a better interface for you, our users, and make it stand out. This new version has been in development since early 2023 and we spent countless hours and a large number of commits into making it what it is now.

There are quite a large number of big additions to HackCheck v2, which we'll cover below.

Introducing Breach Monitors

Searching your data in data breach search engines has been a core part of HackCheck, but what's better than that? Proactive monitoring! You can now set up a "Breach Monitor" for your sensitive data or domain and we will continuously scan data breaches and email you ASAP if that cursed day of finding your data in a breach comes. You can monitor all kinds of data such as usernames, passwords, emails, etc.

Breach Monitors are now available as an add-on for your plans or standalone products (you can own multiple). breach_monitors.jpg

Bulk Search

You can now ditch a single asset per search and use the new addition to the dashboard, bulk searches. This new feature operates exactly the same as your normal search, but you can search multiple assets at once. Once you submit your data, it will usually take only a few seconds, if any of your data was found in the search the results will be downloadable as a JSON or TSV file. bulk_search.jpg

Streamlined Plans

HackCheck is used to a lot of plans ... too many. Plans are now streamlined, combining API access into normal plans, resulting in four unique plans including the free plan. You can now get what you need from HackCheck plans, without compromising anything. If you want a custom plan specific to your need (e.g. you only need a certain feature, you want a more freeing API rate limited) you can now contact us directly from the plans section of the dashboard, and we'll get right back to you!


While this was it all for features, it's still ongoing! There are loads of small additions and improvements:

  • Additional Query Options
  • Result Exporting
  • Improved Search Speeds
  • A clearer invoice page, to see what you are exactly getting
  • A more complete payment page
  • Blogs! Just like the one you are reading right now

HackCheck will continue to strive to bring you the best tool for your cybersecurity needs, stay tuned for more updates coming very soon.

Best Regards, HackCheck Team

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